Program Leader

Jayden Oakley is a Yamatji man who, despite his mob being from Western Australia, grew up all along the East Coast of Australia. Being born in Canberra and living in Brisbane, Sydney and briefly Perth and Temora, he has been been exposed to and experienced most of this country.

Jayden attended The Scots College after receiving a scholarship from Yalari, a not-for profit organisation that offers secondary education scholarships at leading boarding school for Indigenous children. He boarded at the school from the age of 11 until he was in year 11, and spent his final year as a day-student as he completed high school.

Following school, he worked in retail and hospitality before moving to Canberra and starting at the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre in October of 2018. He hopes to use this job as a way to connect with more Indigenous peoples and assist them on their way to becoming leaders in our community and beyond. Currently Jayden is working towards achieving a Bachelor in Sports Management at the University of Canberra.