AILC Board Member

Phillipa is a Wakka Wakka and Mulinjali woman from the North Coast of NSW.  Phillipa has a BA in Communications from UTS. Phillipa has worked as a radio broadcaster and was board member and chairperson of Koori Radio in Sydney’s Redfern from 1995-2000.

Phillipa is passionate about two things: employment for her people, and media as a means for her people to tell their stories in their own narrative on their own terms. Phillipa is a passionate believer that through employment and economic development her people can utilise their skills, creativity and assets of land and knowledge to throw off the shackles of government and forge their own path to be truly independent.

In August 2013 Phillipa was asked by the ABC to head up their Indigenous Employment and Diversity program.

Under Phillipa’s leadership the ABC has for the first time reached and moved beyond their 2% Indigenous employment target currently at 2.6% with a new stretch target set this year of 3% employment by 2018. The stretch RAP is about moving staff into more middle and senior management and leadership roles across the ABC.  By supporting those staff and all staff through mentoring, career development plans, secondments and other opportunities across the business.

Phillipa’s current position allows her to utilise both her skill sets in media and employment which she never thought would be possible.

In previous roles Phillipa was the manager of the Economic Development stream of the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) NSW with DEEWR for 8 years and prior to that role she was the Media Manager for ATSIC NSW.

Phillipa has also worked in the community sector koori Radio and state government Aboriginal Affairs.