What is ABSTUDY?

ABSTUDY helps with costs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who are studying or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship. ABSTUDY is a government organisation and is separate to the AILC.  To be eligible for ABSTUDY you must be:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Enrolled in an approved course
  • Not receiving any other government assistance to study or do an apprenticeship or traineeship

What is the criteria for ABSTUDY?

You will need to clarify this criteria with ABSTUDY when you have been accepted into the course.

ABSTUDY accommodation, meals and travel

  • Students who have been approved by ABSTUDY will be required to share accommodation with other students. If you are unable to share accommodation due to medical reasons you will need to discuss this with ABSTUDY and then provide the AILC with a current medical certificate 3 weeks out from the course.
  • Breakfast is included in the room
  • Dinner is $40 per person, this does not include alcohol and is to be eaten at the hotel restaurant. If you choose not to eat at the hotel, you will be required to cover this cost and you will not be refunded by ABSTUDY.
  • ABSTUDY will only cover your travel from your current location (e.g. if you live in Darwin that is where you will travel from and return to)
  • ABSTUDY will advise you which method of travel you will be required to undertake (plane, bus, train etc.) Unfortunately, you to do not get to choose.

*NON ABSTUDY students – Students who are self-funded or funded by their employers, will not be required to share a room. Students who live locally do not require accommodation.

Do I have to report back to ABSTUDY?

If you are not able to attend course or have any issues in general, including flights, you will need to notify ABSTUDY on 

1800 132 317 and also notify AILC as soon as possible. We will not notify ABSTUDY on your behalf; this is your responsibility.