The beginning

I was quite nervous when starting out in the Cert II (in Indigenous Leadership), as I had little knowledge about my ancestry and culture. I had done a leadership course previously, so I was excited for the experience I was going to get going through AILC. After the first Day in Block 1, my nerves had faded away with how calm and approachable our trainer, Tracy Ritson, was.

The start-up process flowed very easily, I had no issues with logging into the portal and getting started. Throughout the whole course, the system was so easy and very helpful to keep track of what assignments we had submitted.

Sharing and learning

The atmosphere with the trainer and other learners was amazing. My other classmates were more than happy to provide their knowledge and opinions about Aboriginal culture, how leadership in their communities worked, and provide honest feedback on group presentations. The teamwork with my other classmates was one of the best experiences I had when working on projects in a small group.

Lasting relationships

I believe we all had a really good time and when it was over, we got quite emotional at the end. We had spent a good half of the year growing and learning together.

I am grateful for the experience I gained from the course and the relationships I made along the way.