We are really excited to announce that we have officially opened an office in Brisbane. The AILC has partnered with the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) to co-locate offices. Based at Technology Park in Eight Mile Plains, the two national organisations held the launch of their joint Brisbane offices on Friday March 13th.

The launch was attended by the Hon. Leeanne Enoch, MP who spoke about the importance of training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and job creation. Minister Enoch welcomed both organisations to QLD and is looking forward to ongoing collaboration with the QLD state government.

The AILC board and CEO have for some time been discussing moving forward and prioritising relationships with communities nationally. Many national organisations are choosing to decentralise their offices and move to states and territories that provide broader opportunities to engage with communities.

CEO Robyn Forester said that as an organisation, the AILC are looking to having a presence nationally. AILC want to be available to communities and work to continue to build leaders all over the nation to ensure First Nations peoples voices are being heard at all levels.

CEO of AIGI Michelle Deshong said that the partnership is historical and will continue into the future. Michelle said that the AIGI and AILC have a history of partnership in Indigenous Leadership and Governance and hope to continue collaborating in the future.

The Brisbane office is located at Building 8, 107 Miles Platting Road, Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane.