The AILC is unique among registered training organisations (RTOs) in Australia.  We are governed and managed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders.  Our purpose is to build Indigenous leadership skills and knowledge across all aspects of Australian life.  We are the only registered training organisation with this management and training profile.

Courses and training

We offer training in Indigenous leadership, business governance and short courses in specific leadership skills. 

The AILC also delivers diversity mentoring and cultural awareness workshops for non-Indigenous people across Australia.

More training information is available on our accredited and non-accredited course pages.

Flexible training

Over the past three years the AILC has built a strong online training capability.  Today we offer training all over the country through a mix of face-to-face and online training. 

Customised training 

The AILC works with organisations to customise and deliver Indigenous leadership training for their staff.  We have established a successful model that brings cultural safety into the corporate training environment.  The customised leadership courses we deliver may be accredited, or not and are designed to meet the needs of your organisation and employees.

Below is information on three of our most recent partnerships:

Indigenous Marathon Project

The Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) is a six-month health, wellbeing, and leadership journey. The Project uses running to change lives and provide a renewed sense of empowerment, purpose, and pride.

The AILC works with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation to deliver the accredited education component of the Program. 

Each year, 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged between 18-30 are selected to train for the biggest marathon in the world in November, the New York City Marathon. 

Squad members meet at set times throughout the year to participate in a week-long camp, which consists of meeting inspirational leaders, participating in an official running event and completing an education component – before final selection into the squad that will run the New York City Marathon. 

Education is a compulsory part of the Program, and all squad members are required to complete the Certificate IV in Leadership and Health Promotion delivered by the AILC.

Members of the squad push their physical and mental boundaries to a new level. 

Using their skills, knowledge and qualifications, IMP graduates become healthy lifestyle leaders and return to their communities as agents of change, inspiring and encouraging people in their communities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Since 2010, there are now 132 IMP graduates who have run a marathon and become change-makers within their communities.


The AILC partnered with Wesfarmers to develop and deliver customised Certificate II and Certificate IV programs in Indigenous Leadership.  In May 2023, nearly 50 Wesfarmers employees gathered in Melbourne for their final block of leadership training. 

The group, led by AILC trainer Tracy Ritson has been exploring a broad range of leadership styles and developing their own leadership capabilities.  The workshop gave participants opportunities to apply their leadership knowledge and skills in a safe, supportive environment.  A great way to build confidence.

Wesfarmers is aiming to retain and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff by providing appropriate, targeted skills developed.  The AILC is very pleased to be part of the support network for these talented, aspiring leaders.

Shell Australia

The AILC and Shell Australia joined forces to support leaders and emerging leaders in a three-year program to deliver leadership and governance education to Traditional Owner groups in Shell’s Queensland and Western Australia areas of operation.

The Supporting First Nations Peoples Leadership and Governance Program is delivered by the AILC and works with communities to identify their needs, aspirations and priorities.  Then our trainers deliver a co-designed range of educational activities.

Empowering communities to decide on what they need in order to support and meet their educational aspirations is an exciting piece of work that the AILC is proud to be a part of.

Contact us

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