In March, we held our first Interim Alumni Advisory Committee meeting. A group of Alumni from around the country met in Brisbane at our new offices to have discussions about Alumni communication and engagement.

The Inerim Aulumni Committee members are:

  • Janine Dureau
  • Lynette Dewis
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Terri-Ellen Reid
  • Bill Simpson

Some of the challenges that alumni face are being able to implement what they have learnt in their life, work and communities. We want to help individuals overcome the isolation they may feel as a leader by creating a network of leaders who can connect wtih each other, share ideas and lend support.

The alumni committee discussed the importance of investing in time to ‘look after yourself’ and maintaining work/life balance, confidence, motivation and momentum in their leadership journey.

Previous evaluations and feedback have indicated that preferred ways of communicating are social media such as Facebook and Linkedin, connecting with the AILC website, newsletters and receiving emails.

Alumni have also suggested that the AILC hold national and regional conferences and online discussion forums. Also key is a dedicated position to coordinate alumni activities and engagement including alumni speaking panels, attending AILC graduation dinners and most importantly being able to access information that provide alumni with further leadership opportunities.

The AILC interim alumni committee are working hard to address some of these issues and advise the AILC in how to move forward and prioritise the needs of our 3000 alumni all around the country.

We will be keeping you updated through our newsletter and emails of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.