Congratulations to all the participants in the 2023 Wesfarmers Indigenous Leadership Program.
Wesfarmers is committed to increasing representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all levels of the company by ensuring access to career development and progression.
With this goal in mind, the Wesfarmers Indigenous Leadership Program was launched in 2022 in partnership with the AILC. Since then about 152 team members have entered the program from across the company's divisions.
So far, 39 participants in the program have achieved a promotion or a change in roles. And Wesfarmers is building a strong workplace culture with 93% employment retention of all participants. What a great endorsement of the program!
The Wesfarmers Indigenous Leadership Program helps participants build their leadership skills, confidence, motivation and setting goals for their future career journeys.
Congratulations again to all the 2023 participants and best wishes for your personal leadership journeys 💪🏾