The AILC and Shell Australia have joined forces to support present and emerging First Nations leaders in a three-year program to deliver leadership and governance education to Traditional Owner groups in Shell’s Queensland and Western Australia areas of operation.
The Supporting First Nations Peoples Leadership and Governance Program will be delivered by the AILC and will work with communities to identify their needs, aspirations and priorities to co-design appropriate educational activities.
“Empowering communities to decide on what they need in order to support and meet their educational aspirations is an exciting piece of work that the AILC is proud to be a part of. We welcome the support that Shell is providing to ensure that Traditional Owner groups are able to grow and develop at their pace, focusing on the priorities that will meet their specific community needs and aspirations", says Robyn Forester, CEO AILC.

We are proud to be working with a company that has a strong commitment to developing sustainable opportunities for First Nations peoples and Indigenous businesses including graduate, apprenticeship and training programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This exciting project has also created new employment opportunities within the AILC.  We are currently looking for a Project Coordinator, qualified Trainers and Assessors.  Find out more about these roles on our Jobs page.