Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre in partnership with Domino’s Give for Good and Calleo Indigenous

The Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC) is Australia’s only national provider of accredited Indigenous Leadership education programs. The AILC has transformed the lives of more than 3500 graduates since it was established in 2001.  

The AILC was founded by Indigenous leaders in recognition of the importance of leadership in driving sustainable change in Indigenous communities. The importance of Indigenous Leadership is now recognised across Australia as nominated by the Federal Government as a key strategy to help Close the Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and actively supported by many of the nation’s leading corporations. AILC qualified Trainers, Assessors and Program Leaders are in the ACT, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory providing a unique model of place-based education, taking programs across Australia so that courses can be delivered where they are most needed. The AILC remains a not-for-profit company owned and controlled by Indigenous Australians.  

Built on the core values of Cultural Safety and Respect, Cultural Authenticity and Integrity, Thought Leadership, Diversity, Courage, Innovation and Excellence the AILC continues to enable Indigenous Australians of all ages to develop their careers and expand the ways they contribute to the community. In doing so the AILC unlock opportunities for current and future Indigenous Leaders across the country. It is with a strong commitment to delivering a premier service built on solid foundations that the AILC will achieve its long-term goals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.  

Domino’s Give for Good Program has partnered with the AILC to sponsor:

6 Scholarship Opportunities for 2023.

At Domino’s we’re about more than just pizza.  We’re about bringing people closer and supporting those within our local community.  At Domino’s, we like to “Give for Good”.

Established in 2016, Domino’s registered charity Give for Good was founded on giving to causes that align with our values and that are at the heart of our business – Youth & Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Rural Communities and Disaster Relief.

AILC partner Calleo Indigenous are excited to announce 10 Scholarship Opportunities for 2023. 

Calleo Indigenous was established to deliver skilled resources to our clients whilst supporting Indigenous causes, including the enhancement of employment and career development opportunities.  We are 50% owned by the Calleo Group and 50% owned by Melinda (Mel) Brown.

Since our founding in 2019, the Calleo Indigenous Community Fund has provided over $490,000 to assist our First Nation people, representing over 40% of our profit.  We continue to support by focussing on five key sectors that assist in Reconciliation and ‘Closing the Gap’ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

  1. Education and Training
  2. Healthcare and Well-Being
  3. Leadership
  4. Capability Building of Indigenous Projects/Organisations
  5. Sports Development

For more information about the AILC Leading the Way Scholarships, CLICK HERE