There is a very important job role at the AILC, dedicated to helping our students succeed. That role is Program Leader.

We have three Program Leaders in the team, working closely with students and trainers in every AILC accredited course.

Sonia Briston, and Charlie Jia both work to help students with their individual learning and support AILC trainers in delivering programs, both online and face-face.

Program Leaders have many talents and perform many tasks – they sort out IT issues, remind students when assessments are due, help students find the resources they need to complete tasks, arrange course resources, help guide learning activities and are the friendly voice on the end of the line when a student calls with a question.

They are a big part of why AILC courses have such a high completion rate and why our students feel so well supported. 

So here’s a big shout out to our wonderful AILC Program Leaders – thank you for your commitment to every student’s success.